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In the incredibly competitive arena of Moto2™, achieving a Grand Prix victory is only one dimension of the story to come out of a race weekend.

Recognising the closeness of the competition and the depth of talent in Moto2, Triumph and Dorna run the Triumph Triple Trophy alongside the World Championship to recognise standout performance for each of the season’s rounds.

In 2024, for the first time, the winner will be chosen by the fans.

Immediately after each Moto2 Grand Prix, an expert panel representing Triumph and the world of MotoGP™ will select a shortlist of three standout riders from that GP. This will take into account the entire weekend, not just the race, and recognise stories of sporting perseverance and endurance as well as outright performance.

Fans will then be able to vote via the MotoGP™ Instagram channel, and the final order of those three riders will be directly decided by the number of fan votes each receives.

In reference to Triumph’s 765cc engine, points at each GP are awarded as such:

  • 7 points for the rider with most fan votes
  • 6 points for the rider with second most fan votes
  • 5 points for the rider with third most fan votes

The rider who achieves the greatest number of points, at the end of the season, is crowned the winner and awarded a custom Triumph Street Triple 765 RS motorcycle which is powered by the 765cc triple engine from which the Moto2™ powerplant is derived.



Triumph Triple Trophy Standings

1st - Alonso Lopez (ES) POINTS: 7 

2nd - Aron Canet (ES) POINTS: 7 

3rd - Barry Baltus (BE) POINTS: 6

4th - Fermin Aldeguer (ES) POINTS: 6

5th - Sergio Garcia (ES)POINTS: 5

6th - Joe Roberts (US) POINTS: 5


2024 results

Rider with most fan votes (7 Points): Alonso Lopez (ES)

Rider with second most fan votes (6 Points): Barry Baltus (BE)

Rider with third most fan votes (5 Points): Sergio Garcia (ES)

Triumph Triple Trophy Standings After Round 1

1st: Alonso Lopez (ES)

2nd: Barry Baltus (BE) 

3rd: Sergio Garcia (ES)

Rider with most fan votes (7 Points): Aron Canet (ES)

Rider with second most fan votes (6 Points): Fermin Aldeguer (ES)

Rider with third most fan votes (5 Points):
Joe Roberts (US)

Triumph Triple Trophy Standings After Round 1

1st: Alonso Lopez (ES) 7 Points

2nd: Aron Canet (ES) 7 Points

3rd: Barry Baltus (BE) 6 Points


The 2023 Triumph Triple Trophy has been awarded to Spain’s Pedro Acosta, after a phenomenal season which saw him clinch the World Champion title, the Triumph Triple Trophy and a seat in the MotoGP category next year. 

Triumph Triple Trophy Pedro Acosta and Steve Sargent


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