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Tied by a Common Thread

Racing Triumph Motorcycles 19th jun 2024

It was in 2021 that Pete Fox's passion project, RENEN, broke cover. RENEN stormed headlines as a cutting-edge brand that prioritises quality and style, whilst looking to advance the way that those in the field operate within off-road sport. Fox, of Fox Racing fame, spotted a void in the market and was very motivated to fill that. Enter RENEN.

Triumph and RENEN can bond over a common thread as brands that are carving out their niche inside of a rather saturated market, both striving to exceed high expectations. It was the common ground that caused the pair to gravitate towards each other prior to 2024's SuperMotocross World Championship. "Much like Triumph, RENEN has come to the motocross world as a new player," pondered Ian Kimber (Head of Off-Road Programmes, Triumph Motorcycles). "Both brands have heritage – Triumph with our road bikes and RENEN through Pete's history in motocross – but we have entered a market where we are competing with established brands.


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"Not only do we both have to be fresh and innovative, but we must also make sure that products meet customer expectations," Kimber said. It was this concept that attracted Pete Fox (RENEN founder) to Triumph Racing's team. The partnership offered RENEN a rare chance to proceed without limitations. "Triumph Racing is a blank canvas for RENEN: we are not coming in and changing the look of what a team has been in the past," Fox stated. "It feels like a better opportunity for us to work with a completely blank canvas. Working with a new team that has the same enthusiasm and outlook is brilliant."

Unique to the motocross space and the rather exciting collaboration between Triumph and RENEN is the fact that the gear that Jalek Swoll has sported in 2024 Monster Energy Supercross, where he was ranked in seventh in the 250SX East classification, is available to riders and athletes across the world, much like the new Triumph TF 250-X motocross bike is. The 'S323 Reset' jersey and pant were used at the first race in Detroit, Michigan, and then the series concluded with Swoll in the 'S524 Kahuku' set – a limited edition line that was made available to customers on May 16.

In fact, there is much more to that process than one would presume. Triumph Racing provides RENEN with marketing opportunities, of course, but also valuable feedback on the products that are eventually released to riders across the world. "Triumph has been really helpful from a marketing standpoint, obviously, but also to further develop the product at a professional level," Fox said. "Professional riders have a different use and need of a product in comparison to the average rider." There is no better way to put a product to the test.

"Triumph Racing have helped with the development of RENEN's new full-stretch pant," Fox continued in reflection. "We have been working on that for a while, but it's a lot more focused for a racer at a high level. I would think that's the biggest impact that both Jalek Swoll and Joey Savatgy have had thus far – helping us finalise the finish and development of the pant." The development of products like that is an intricate process that is overlooked from within RENEN's base in the state of Indiana – a dedicated team can ensure that each item is of premium quality.


Triumph Rider concluded its first year competing in the Monster Energy AMA 250SX East Championship jump


"Everything is handmade right here," said Justin Reeves (manager at RENEN) with pure elation. "The sewing and manufacturing are done by hand in Indiana. RENEN products are made here in the United States! The cool element is that even some of our materials and fabrics are made here. We take it to heart – we want to be the highest quality that is on the market. Being able to keep eyes on all elements of the manufacturing process is so crucial to our success." Consider just how rare it is that a rider, no matter their ability, gets their motocross gear handmade in the same location as the very best.

The concentrated production process is crucial to the brand's rise and an element that Ian Kimber has highlighted as a massive perk to the partnership. "RENEN is an incredibly fast-moving company – their ability to turn gear and designs around quickly, whilst working with new and emerging technologies in their field, means that our athletes are always using products that allow them to perform at their best." Operating in such a dynamic environment means there is no telling what the future holds, but Fox has a plan in motion.

"We do intend this partnership with Triumph Racing to be a long-term one," Fox proclaimed. "The next step would be that RENEN product, including the Triumph collaboration, will be available at all US motocross dealers. This will be the first time that RENEN has had major exposure at a dealer level – we are direct to consumer. This will be a chance for Triumph customers to touch and feel the product in person." With the 2024 Pro Motocross season around the corner, the aim is for Triumph Racing to showcase RENEN products on the 250MX podium too. There is no better place to promote.